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After years of tolerating unpredictable service, we decided to make a difference!

We wanted change

Serenity was established in Brisbane in 2009, by two individuals, Michael del Manso and Mona Taimana who remail intimately involved in the operation today. After many years in senior IT management the “pair” decided to join forces and develop an IT services company that was based on four key pillars:

  • Service excellence and agility

  • Value for money

  • Absolute honesty and transparency

  • Innovative technology

We continue to grow and broaden our technology portfolio. However, it is to be noted that unlike many larger organisations, we don’t profess to do everything. More importantly, in our opinion, we do have the highest possible skills in the solutions that we deliver and support. Our commitment to the technologies delivered by our key solution providers is evidenced by our receipt of several prestigious partner awards.

Whether it be a notebook computer or complex Firewall, the Serenity team will design a solution that will be tailored to meet your budgetary and technology requirements.

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