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After years of tolerating unpredictable service, we decided to make a difference!

We wanted change

After ten years of tolerating unpredictable service and support from IT suppliers, Mona Taimana and Michael del Manso (former Director of IT and Network Manager of Somerville House Girls' School) decided to make a difference.

Having worked as a team for 10 years in the education sector, Mona and Michael spent 7 of those years building a 1:1 technology programme from the ground up. During this time, they found that the most difficult problem they had was engaging suppliers who actually cared about taking the time to implement solutions the right way, first time round.

In a future where IT providers are only concerned with 'dropping boxes' or call in only when it is time for the next big sale, good old-­‐fashioned service is suffering. After an extremely successful launch in 2009, Serenity IT Solutions has developed the ability to deliver not only the standard solutions as supplied by other IT providers, but has followed that up with unparalleled levels of support.

How We do it


With a specific focus on 1:1 technology programme implementation and ICT strategic development, let Serenity IT Solutions work with you to solve your next big challenge. We have the hands on, in­‐the­‐trenches education experience that you can rely upon. We have 'sat on your side of the desk' and know what you are going through. Serenity IT invites you to find out for yourself how we can make difference.

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